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Let's Get Real

or Let's Not Pray

A  7 Day “Prayer as a Spiritual Practice”  LIVE Challenge


“Prayer doesn’t work.”           

“I don’t know how to pray.” 

“I’m afraid to pray the wrong way.” 

I’ve heard (and sometimes invoked myself) these prayer disclaimers time and time again over the years.  

In a sense, prayer doen’t work. 

What DOES work is your relationship with whomever you are praying to and whatever you are praying about.  What works is your intention.  What works is your passion.  What works is your understanding of adn trust in the principles of prayer


Here's what I've come to understand:

Prayer Absolutely Works ALL THE TIME

Every THOUGHT you think is a prayer,

every WORD you speak is a prayer,

and every THING you do is a prayer.

Unfortunately, so many of us pray while holding the belief that we don't know how to pray. In the worst-case scenarios, we pray without belief, trust or faith. And then we worry about the things we've prayed about.

If these experiences sound familiar, this may explain why prayer hasn't worked for you... or why you doubt the power of prayer.


In my darkest moments prayer was the tool I used to get back into the light.  In my deepest heartache, prayer was the ladder I used to climb out of the pain.  I am working to master the art, science and joy of prayer.  And now I want to share with you what I know about:  


so that you will begin to see your prayer requests manifest with grace and ease. 

So I invite you to join me for a powerful 7 Day Prayer Challenge

We are going to pray together, learn how to do it more effectively, and then practice what we have learned.  My prayer is that you can join me LIVE each day.  If you cannot, you’ll get the recordings that you can keep forever – all for only $35. 

In this lIVE prayer challenge it is my intention that you will learn how to:   

  • *Appreciate the science and true nature of prayer

  • *Develop a profound relationship with Source (or God, the Divine, the Creator, etc) that is the focus of your prayer
  • *Understand the principles of Affirmative Prayer so that you can create an intimate prayer life 
  • *Activate the power of Affirmative Prayers that are grounded in faith and trust
  • *Recognize – and overcome – the barriers to effective prayer that lead people to believe prayer doens’t work.

It is my desire for you to learn as you go!! 

So, we will start each day of the challenge at 5 AM PT / 8 AM ET with a powerful 10-minute guided affirmative prayer practice.  


Then, we will get down to the business of exploring, examining, and practicing the scientific principles of Affirmative Prayer.  At the end of each session, I’ll give you a practice assignement that you can do overnight to help you go deeper.  

If you don’t pray, want to learn how to pray, or want to deepen your prayer practice, I look forward to being with you for this wonderful week of prayer adn connecting with the Divine. 

What we will cover each day:

Day 1: The Principles and Practices of Affirmative Prayer

Day 2:
 Principle 1 – Acknowledgement of the Source

Day 3: Principle 2 – Unification with the Divine

Day 4: Principle 3 – Positive and Negative Confession

Day 5: Principle 4 – Gratitude for What You Have

Day 6: Principle 5 – Request through Supplication

Day 7: Petition for Others



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