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The Quantum Call is a Complimentary Consultation and an incredible opportunity to get valuable support and immediate traction through your transition. In this 30 minute session we will explore:

  • Your current reality
  • Your goals
  • Your stuck points
  • And, most importantly, where the key to your progress is hiding.

During this call, you’ll have my undivided attention. I’ll help you get crystal clear about your unique challenges and show you exactly how to have your quantum breakthrough. By the end of our time together, you’ll have created a clear ‘next-step action plan” that you can implement right away. That’s immediate traction. By working with AmiLynne in personal or group sessions you will discover and heal limiting beliefs holding you back, identify your authentic purpose and truth, all while finding peace and harmony in your life.

My Personal Commitment:

I hold an unwavering commitment to and belief in your growth. I stand with you in relation to who you are becoming and challenge you to see higher and dream bigger than you would have otherwise. I teach how to become free to the relentless grasp of the ego so nothing, internal or external, will block your success. I can only share with my clients the level of consciousness that I possess and am dedicated to my own conscious personal and professional growth as a lifetime journey. I’m both practical and spiritual, open-hearted and protective, thoughtful and daring, pragmatic and inspired. In order to be the best coach for you that I can be, I continue to show up fully in this transformational setting called Life.

Mandatory Reporter:

I am a mandated reporter, so if there is cause for me to believe that you may do or are doing harm to yourself or others I will refer you to a mental health professional whom I trust. Until your situation is stabilized, your participation in any of my coaching programs will be placed on hold. You are free to reject the referrals I give you, but in doing so you will also be terminating our coaching relationship

To schedule a Complimentary Quantum Call: 

1.  Scroll down the page to the next section, 
2.  Choose “Coaching Calls:  Quantum Call with AmiLynne Carroll and hit  “Add to Visit”.
3.  Then Hit “select” to choose your Provider.  
4.  Now click the purple button “Choose Date and Time” to be redirected to choose your appointment day and time.  
5.  Make sure you follow the booking steps and then hit “Book my Visit” 
6.  You’ll receive an email confirmation of the scheduled appointment.  

I am looking forward to connecting with you and supporting your journey forward into the peace and harmony you so rightly deserve.  

Please note all scheduling times below are for Mountain Standard Time.

What People Say About Working with AmiLynne:

“Completing AmiLynne’s 7 Steps from Forgiveness to Freedom Bootcamp played an integral role in saving my marriage of 18 years and has made me a better dad to four amazing children. AmiLynne’s no nonsense, no excuse approach to authenticity invited me to engage in a new forgiveness paradigm freeing me from a past of grudges and regret. I don’t have to carry on the story of a broken, lost and lonely man. It’s just a story and with AmiLynne’s help I’m rewriting a fresh and new ending to my best life.” ~Jeremiah R.


“It never occurred to me that ‘I have all I need’ to realize peace and prosperity in my own experience until I began working with AmiLynne. Her gentle but direct approach helps guide as I seek the answers to the questions I’ve long been asking. AmiLynne has helped me realize who I’ve always been! And it all started with a 30 minute Quantum Call with AmiLynne.” ~ Rachel W.


“AmiLynne is one of those rare beings whose inner light is so brilliant that it shines brightly in even the darkest of circumstances, illuminating the Truth and dispelling all false beliefs and human stories. She is not only a beautiful soul filled with compassion, kindness and grace, but a truly fearless warrior for Truth. Her ability to listen deeply and be fully present in the moment make her an exceptional vessel through which the wisdom of divine Love can manifest and operate.” ~ Cary B.

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