A note on National Sibling Day

National Sibling Day


Happy National Sibling Day to all my amazing spiritual brothers and sisters out there!

Today, we celebrate the unique and special bond we share, a bond that goes beyond blood and genetics.

Whether we are related by choice or circumstance, our bond is one of love, support, and understanding. You are my chosen family, and I am grateful for the way you have enriched my life and made it all the more beautiful.

To my spiritual brothers, thank you for being my protectors, my advisors, and my confidants. You have always had my back, and I am grateful for the way you have supported me through thick and thin.

To my spiritual sisters, thank you for being my best friends, my cheerleaders, and my inspiration. You have shown me what it means to be strong, resilient, and kind, and I am grateful for the way you have lifted me up when I needed it most.

To all my spiritual siblings, I am honored to be a part of this amazing community, and I look forward to all the adventures, challenges, and joys that lie ahead. Happy National Sibling Day! Let’s celebrate this special bond that unites us all.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I love you deeply, for in Truth we are old friends. We are One

🦋 Babs

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