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Letting Go of What Tethers Us to the Human Experience

sometimes we have to let go of what tethers us to the human experience.

Not so long ago the physical picture and senses screamed for my surrender. Fear and doubt wrought havoc in my thought and exhaustion overtook my heart.

That was that moment – this, today, with a new awareness is a new moment.

For almost 4 years now I have worked hourly/daily / weekly to experience the commandment, “be still and know that I AM God”. When the material picture would suggest tremors and seizures – being “still” is. . . the deepest of heartfelt prayer

And so – one by one, as stillness is claimed, I am learning to let go of the beliefs that would say; something’s wrong. . . or healing is elusive. . . or – I’m just too tired and cannot fight this any longer.

The “be” of be still, requires nothing of us but to be Love’s Expression. The “know” of knowing that I AM God is the seeing and experiencing of God’s hand even in what would appear to be physical depletion

In letting go of the need to fix or be fixed (heal or be healed) I am realizing the whole perfection that is my being

And while the belief of seizures and tremors have not recently visited my being (totally been 3 weeks since a real seizure!!!), and I’m lovingly embracing the lack of activity demonstrated by my legs and some new activity in my right hand, I’m also learning to engage differently with the calling forth of pain and the expression of discomfort. I will, in each moment, continue my quest to be still – to know – God’s presence

so – thank you for being patient as I’m learning to let go and for sharing this amazing journey with me as I’m drying my emerging wings and readying for a flight of unimagined consciousness

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.
I love you deeply, for in Truth we are old friends.
We are one!!

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