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Ramblings from an Emerging Butterfly:

One year ago today:

My intention was to walk in the woods and find some blueprint from nature for my life. . . I came across a small clearing and saw three deer browsing.

Before they noticed me I leaned against a tree and went motionless. They wandered closer and I saw it was a doe and two fawns. Closer yet.

The doe saw me, froze and stared. Her ears came forward in keen attention. I didn’t move. Even my breath came shallow. She came a few steps closer and watched me – every muscle in her alert for danger. She sniffed the air. For perhaps twenty minutes she made her way around me, carefully leading her fawns. Eventually she curved within three yards of where I stood. The fawns followed her, their bodies relaxed, unconcerned. They were interested in their mother, in me, in the ground they sniffed and twigs they nibbled.

And then I knew what the pattern was: it’s about trust.

The fawns lay down in the grass to rest.

I am 43 years old and just beginning to hear my own story. I must sit quietly, breathe, be still.

I simply pray that God give me as much patience – as much compassion and trust for myself as I had for the deer.

Being is LOVE!
Chief Travel Partner

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.
I love you deeply, for in truth we are old friends.
We are One.


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